Published on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 09:36
Cary Wheelous, CEO

DURHAM, NC (May 11, 2021) – Tech Entrepreneur, Cary Wheelous, has launched a dynamic new app to help Black publishers attract more attention for their content.

Touted as the leading app for news, videos and podcasts from Black Publishers, Hayti (pronounced "HAY-tie") is the dynamic app that aggregates digital content from newspapers, magazines, videos and podcasts highlighting Black culture from Black publishers into one feed. The app features thousands of articles from popular publishers like Essence, Black Enterprise, BET, NewsOne, Blavity and numerous other publications loved by the public.

Unlike genre specific news apps or publications, Hayti, offers something for everyone. The app covers a vast number of topics from business, entertainment and health to politics, social justice issues and more...  Readers will enjoy a relatively clean reading feed of digital content sorted by topic and publisher interspersed with some advertisement.  The app also allows registered users to easily save content to custom folders and share content across their social channels.

Until now finding news centered on black culture has been limited to particular magazines and news sites.  The app eliminates the need for subscribing to 4 or 5 publications to keep abreast with current issues.  Hayti boasts the largest selection of black media from over 100+ black publishers in one app.

Hayti was founded in 2020 during one of the most tumultuous times in history, when issues of racial inequality were magnified to the fullest.  When asked to share his motivation for creating the app, Cary explained: “I wanted to make it easier to stay informed on key topics without having to spend hours searching for content across news websites and apps. It’s also time we get news and information from black voices that need to be heard on a global scale.”

Rather than relying only on their current audience, Hayti provides a unique opportunity for Black publishers to access, retain and monetize millions of mobile users that are hard to reach. Consequently, Hayti is seeking to collaborate and establish partnerships with Black publishers looking for distribution channels and an opportunity to showcase their content to the local and international community.

Hayti is available for free download on iOS and Android

About Hayti

Hayti is the leading app for news, videos and podcasts from Black publishers. Hayti provides up-to-date news coverage, featuring content aggregated from Black publishers across the world into one newsfeed.  Hayti is the all-in-one destination for news from a Black perspective.  For further information, visit

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